4 Signs Your Teenager Needs Teen Counseling

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Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 6:26pm UTC
4 Signs Your Teenager Needs Teen CounselingPhoto from Unsplash

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Why should parents worry about whether or not they need teen counseling for their child? If there’s one thing we know in America today, it’s that the kids are not all right. There has been escalating talk of a mental health crisis in America’s children and teenagers.

Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and mood disorders are all at record highs. Amid all of this, it can be difficult for parents to know what to do. Often, the answer is to get help.

This is why knowing when to pursue teen counseling is so important. By finding a dedicated teen therapist, you can address the underlying issues causing your child’s mental health issues, and work together to find the tools to address them.

With that in mind, here are some of the telltale signs that your teen might need counseling.

Drastic Changes

Often, the most effective way to tell if there is a problem is if your teen undergoes a drastic and rapid change in behavior with no explanation.

This can mean many things. It might mean they have all-new friends and don’t speak to their old friends at all. It might be a change in behavior or mood.

It might be a sudden obsession with how they look – often a sign of low self-esteem in teens. While change is often a good thing, dramatic, quick, and unexplained changes require further investigation.


Anger is very often a symptom of more serious underlying problems. Mood swings in teens are perfectly normal and a part of growing up. However, anger that is incessant or that turns violent is not.

An angry teen might be angry at themselves, the world around them, or their perceived inability to control their own lives. When teenagers are angry, they tend to take risks, while also hurting those around them.

Substance Abuse

Teen addiction is a pervasive and growing problem in communities across America. If you suspect that your teen has a substance abuse problem, you need to seek help quickly.

Again, sudden and dramatic changes in behavior can be signs of such a problem. If your teen has lost interest in taking care of themselves (staying fed, washed, etc.) or has been going missing for lengthy stretches of time, it is possible that they are abusing drugs or alcohol.

This is a serious problem, but one that affects millions of parents across the country.


Sure, teenagers can sometimes be shy and not want to socialize, especially with their parents. But there comes a point when this behavior can escalate into a more serious concern.

If your once-outgoing teen has withdrawn from the world and refuses to socialize or even spend time outside of their room at all, then counseling might be an effective and necessary course of action.

Ask Us About Our Teen Counseling Services

Teen counseling is not just nice to have. For many families, it is a lifeline and the essential first step toward getting their loved one back on track. If you’re worried about your teenager and what to find out the kind of help on offer, you have come to the right place.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our professional and non-judgmental team to find out how we can initiate counseling for your child.

Other Mental Health Services Offered At Katy Counseling

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