Maybe Ross Should Just Fire Himself

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Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 11:29am UTC


Miami, FL, February 2, 2022— Whatever Brian Flores is or is not… Steven Ross is far worse as an owner.

I thought it was a joke or just bad reporting that Coach Brian Flores was fired on Monday after posting back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since 2003. That’s pathetic in its own right that we have not had back-to-back winning seasons in 20 years, and the first coach to get us to that gets fired the day after the season ends. The whole thing feels a little surreal. After a 1-7 start, Flores was able to keep this team together and get them to win 8 of our last 9 games with a chance to make the playoffs in the final two weeks…

… but was fired anyway!

A blind, dumb monkey could run the Miami franchise better.

The excuse given by Ross that Flores wasn’t a good people person, didn’t want to listen to the organizational structure, and yada yada is just lame. Sure sounds like Chris Grier used his influence to keep his job by throwing Flores under the bus.

What really needed to happen to save the Go for Broke Dolphins franchise was Ross canning himself. Just sell the team Ross and give us a new owner, please. Ross bought the team in 2008 from former owner Wayne Huizenga, who had much more success under his stewardship. But, since 2008 Ross has only had 4 winning seasons with two coming these past two seasons under Coach Flores.

Stick with real estate, Ross, and give us a new owner.

The Dolphins had a total rebuild (sans Chris Grier) and posted 10 and 9 win season in years 2 and 3–not too shabby. This is why the last thing you do is fire the head coach because all that does is put us back in this endless cycle of mediocrity and inconsistency.

Fore better or worse, Flores is gone and the next HC up is…

Now the question is not only who Miami will hire to be the next head coach, but who would be insane enough to want to take this job under Ross and Grier. These two clowns have been here the longest during this stretch of irrelevance with this franchise, so just maybe they are the real problem? Whoever ends up taking the job is basically on the hot seat on Day 1. If they don’t have a winning playoff worthy season next year, would that mean they get fired as well?

The best teams in this league have something called consistency. That consistency in a consistent organization goes beyond just the players, but organizations that have head coaches that have been there for years, along with their coaching staff and using similar offensive and defensive schemes for years. Instead, Miami is stuck on the endless coaching carousel that gets reset every couple of years, with new faces, and new schemes.

This one will be a winner though. Right?

According to the best sports betting software, the current names on the list for the next Coach on our carousel is Brian Daboll, offensive coordinator of the Bills, Mike McDaniel, offensive coordinator of the 49ers, Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator of the Cowboys and former head coach of the Falcons, Kellen Moore, offensive coordinator of the Cowboys, and Vance Joseph, defensive coordinator of the Cardinals.

Frankly I would rather have Flores, but that ship has sadly sailed away.

Then again, maybe we will get it right this time? Maybe the 10th time is the charm?

What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins news fans thoughts about the firing of Flores, and who we will end up getting to replace him? Maybe Harbaugh for Phins?

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